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Workshop «Reasons we make Epic Fails while managing complex projects and systems»

For whom

Experienced managers, project and program leaders, employees of strategic departments, research and development departments

up to 20 people


4 hours

Objectives of the workshop

Introduce the participants with experimentally proved knowledge about the way we look for solutions and act in complex situations, characterized by high complexity and dynamics. What could be done with this.
A human-being meets a number of challenges dealing with complex situations (big tasks, long projects, accidents and catastrophes, external challenges), among which are the following:
  • Complexity and reticularity (with necessity to consider many interconnected characteristics simultaneously)
  • Dynamics (events keep developing and don’t wait)
  • Lack of transparency (lots of information is inaccessible)
  • Ignorance and false hypothesis (lack of information about nature of phenomenon)
According to a massive number of experiments, getting into such situations people start acting in a surprisingly similar way, like:
  • Act without considering distant and side consequences
  • Express self-assurance in the correctness of their actions
  • Develop cynicism and deny moral standards
  • Form abstract concepts and explain everything by one reason (“Everything depends on…”)
  • Withdrawal into well-known activity or non-actual concerns
The basis of such behavior is formed not by individual psychological specifics or sets, but by similarities of cognitive systems for the majority of human-beings. Such accumulation of multiple subjective wrong solutions, connected with specifics of brain work in complex situations, lies in the basis of many big catastrophes, accidents and failures. It is also the reason of problems in managing big projects and programs.

The content of the seminar

  1. Challenges of complexity on practical situations
  2. Reasons of mistakes and preventive actions at different management stages
  3. Strategic approaches to better results in managing complex systems
We are practicing proposed tools and solutions already in 2011, which allowed to accumulate a lot of experience of the experimental application of knowledge to the problems of companies from different sectors.
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