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14 martha 2016
Clusters and INO Tomsk: creating the route for followers

On 10-11 of March of 2016 Evgeniya Shamis acted as a moderator of the strategic session devoted to development of INO Tomsk and its clusters. During the first day she moderated the session "Universities, scientific institutions and clusters” in which representatives of cluster “Pharmaceutics, medical devices and IT” took place and on the second day – “B2C companies and INO Tomsk” with representatives of two clusters - of renewable resources and food

This strategic session was led by Vice-Governor of the Tomsk region A.Antonov. It is a part of INO Tomsk project, under the governance of Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation A.Dvorkovich, with deputy heads of the Federal working team on the project implementation – State secretary and Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia O. Fomichev and Governor of the Tomsk region S.Zhvachkin. The project started in 2011, currently it goes through landing stage in transfer stage when regional enlarged team from companies, universities and other institutions acts more actively and takes responsibilities, initiatives. The success of the project is proved by the fact that INO Tomsk solutions are already used as an example in INNOKAM project in Tatarstan.

During the March session in Tomsk over 100 participants from companies, universities from various industries and clusters, as well as representatives of regional and federal government developed solutions for management of such complex project in the region (INO Tomsk is an umbrella for 6 cluster, big projects as National research center in medicine uniting 6 research institutions), set priority steps for uniting efforts and minimizing risks in 2016-2017. The suggestions developed by them will be reflected in INO Tomsk Road map, so companies, universities and institutions can join smartly.

“Now we see the formation of the big team of Tomsk region, which will be able to implement big plans of the Road map, - comments Evgeniya Shamis. – Creation of such enlarged team uniting both various sectors and industries allows to implement complex projects, link different efforts, win at this collaboration for everyone. This approach of building big teams was also used in Singapore, Portland in Oregon, in Kaluga region. It is important in general to translate big goals into everyday practices, simultaneously creating feeling of belonging and mutual understanding of strategic goal – this is a guarantee that people know what every institution can take responsibility for.

I also want to draw attention to an interesting case in the Tomsk region with cluster of renewable resources of Tomsk region – it unites companies and entrepreneurs gathering berries, mushrooms, hunting and fishing, supported by strong scientific institutions and universities. The participants are united by taiga philosophy and joint goals. At the moment they have passed the first stages of collaborations and are ready for the next steps. We should mark the impact of the team led by L.Kobzeva, who is also one of the leaders of project office of INO Tomsk”.

More information on INO Tomsk can be found at www.ino-tomsk.ru .

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