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We provide consulting services
in the following areas:

  • Cross-generational interaction.
  • Development of sustainable regional clusters.
  • Mind-extenders.
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Solutions we can help with

  • Solutions for managers and directors - how to manage generations
  • Development of new and adaptation of existing products and services to customers from various generations
  • Formation of generational teams - how to act long-term
  • Audit of system of communications in the company – does the contact with generations work
  • Things to do for an attractive employer
  • Industrial strategy - a view through generations

Audit used solutions

Audit used solutions

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We help leaders achive their goals:

«Useful, interesting and, what is important – ready for practical implementation. Recommended!»
Head of Department for internal communications,
Tatiana Mamysheva
«under construction»
Russian railways
«On behalf of "Russian Railways" company I want to thank Sherpa S Pro team of experts and trainers for delivery of series of trainings “Generation theory for increasing effectiveness of young directors" for directors and specialists of Russian Railways managing bodies»
First deputy director for HR Department of OJSC “Russian Railways”,
Nikolai Steblyansky
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