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Workshop «Professional web-search»

For whom

Professional hunters for information

up to 15 people


6 hours

Objectives of the workshop

Transfer the knowledge and skills, which significantly increase efficiency of web-search for actual tasks.
  • Way to get acquainted with the new subject area ("know all about ...") in a fast way;
  • Way to find necessary factual information;
  • Way to get information on reviews for products and services;
  • Way to overcome junk advertising and technologies of search engine optimization (anti-SEO);
  • Way to find information that used to be on the web-sites once, but was deleted;
  • Way to find files and documents; • Forming a personal file record;
  • «About 3,324,794 pages found on your inquiry" - what to do;
  • «No results found on your inquiry" - what to do;
  • «I need a picture of this";
  • «I know what it is, but do not know exactly how it is called " - what to do.
The expert on this workshop is the 2-time winner of the regional cup for Yandex search.

The content of the seminar

  1. How Internet is constructed and how web search engine works;
  2. Using inquiry language of Google and Yandex
  3. Tools for professional web-search
  4. Managing search results
We are practicing proposed tools and solutions already in 2011, which allowed to accumulate a lot of experience of the experimental application of knowledge to the problems of companies from different sectors.
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