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01 july 2017
June 2017 года: news

School children went on summer vacation, students are passing their exams and we, in “Sherpa S Pro” keep on working actively.

We acted as experts at the following events:
  • June, 8 Evgeniya Shamis gave an expert speech at the forum Office Next in Saint Petersburgh, were she presented solutions on development offices for various generations to administrative director of corporations, representatives of architecture bureaus. “At the moment many offices are developed according to the values and life scenarios of Millenial generation, - commented Evgeniya. – Those solutions are interesting but not attractive for other generations. So the task is how not to loose generations X, Baby-Boomers and get ready for Homelanders, at the same time make offices comfortable for many generations”. You can read more at http://www.officenext.ru/orientir/event_25013_OfficeNext_v_Sankt-Peterburge/
  • June, 14 and 15 Evgeny Nikonov came as an expert to two events in Kiev (Ukraine): at first he spoke on generations at WoMo, and afterwards presented solutions based on “Behavioural economics” at HR-Forum “HR Wisdom Summit”. You can read more at http://hws.delo.ua/lang/ru/hr/hrws-17/program-2017/

This month was rich with our collaborations with mass media – including journals and magazines such as newspapers “Vedomosti”and “Izvestiya”, “Ogoniok” magazine, “Silver rain” radio:
  • June, 8 newspaper “Vedomosti” published its traditional addition with comments by Evgeniya Shamis. Key theme of June’s addition was “How to spend: Children”. In the article “Children steadily conquer the adult’s market” Evgeniya Shamis tells about the features that define generation Z (other name – Homelanders), who were born after 2004 in Russia. What will be characteristics of the customers of the future? You can read more at http://kp.vedomosti.ru/deluxe/article/2017/06/08/693628-vpali-v-detstvo
  • June, 14 Evgeniya Shamis spoke about Millenials at “Silver rain” radio in the program “Breakfast is included”. The theme was – “Millenials, their unclear future and search of meanings”. Audio-version of the program is now available at the site of the project RuGenerations in the section Video https://rugenerations.su/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%B0/
  • June, 19 our material was published in a special issue of the newspaper “Izvestiya”, where Evgeniya Shamis told about teenagers and school graduates of 2017 – all of them belonging to border generation Millenial-X. Based on the interview of Evgeniya, infographics about their characteristics was developed, including expectations from the new generation. You can read more at http://generationz.iz.ru/
  • June, 26 interview with Evgeniya Shamis was published at the web-site and in the paper version of “Ogoniok” magazine. There she tells about professional parenting of generation X. You can read more at https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3329685
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