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Workshop «Managing Millennials (Y)»

For whom


up to 15 people


8 hours

Objectives of the workshop

Learn the values and characteristics of Millennium generation (Y), get explanations how they were formed
Get working solutions for managers – things to do daily
Get recommendations for the companies – things to change systematically
7 Steps to improve company attractiveness for Millennials

The content of the seminar

  1. Foundations of Generation theory
    • Generational values and how they are formed
    • Generations in Russia and the World
    • How managers win using generational approach.
  2. Values and characteristics of Millennium generation (Y), explanations of how they were formed
  3. Managing Millennials • "Success" and "Non- success" for Millennials; • Concept of a "team"; • Being “a good leader" – how do Milenials realize that others are reallyinterested in them; • Things important for development: "good mentor" and “good learning environment”; • Reasons they get the job and leave it.
  4. Seven steps to improve company attractiveness for Millenials
Generation Theory was created by American scientists Neil Howe and William Strauss in 1991. Adaptation of Generation Theory for Russia was made by the team under the leadership of Evgeniya Shamis – founder and coordinator of the project RuGenerations, CEO of Sherpa S Pro.
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