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Development of sustainable regional clusters

Under constructions


Under constructions

The cluster is different from Science City and territorially-industrial complex?



Наукоград и территориально-производственный комплекс

Компании + Университеты
+ Территория


Университет (Институт)
Компания (Предприятие)

Горизонтальные связи +
связи с местным сообществом


Вертикальные связи

Продукты, сервисы, идеи для
коммерциализации, качество жизни


Продукты, сервисы, идеи

Глобальная конкуренция
и Развитие территории


Экономическое развитие или
научная конкуренция

Our products

Why can we ensure quality results:

  • We are working on this topic in Russia, CIS countries, Sweden, Israel, Brazil.
  • Experience in projects for the creation, development of clusters and its components: industrial parks, logistics parks, business incubators, accelerators centers.
  • We conducted more than 270 strategic sessions for various professional audiences clusters.
  • The authors of the book "Klasterra or Clusters of human."

  • Moderating discussions about clusters on the Russian and international forums - Tomsk Economic Forum 2013, Ekaterinburg Economic Forum 2013, 2014, RIA Novosti Cluster Summit 2013, Talbergsky forum - 2011-2013, YNNOVUS 2014.
  • Preparation and organization of international workshops on the theme "Innovation and Clusters: business opportunities" in Brazil in 2013.
  • Organization of visits of delegations from Russia and CIS countries into clusters of Brazil and the United States.

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