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We conduct research
in the following areas:

  • Cross-generations interaction
  • Development of sustainable regional clusters
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Key research areas, we work with permanently:

  • Why do generations “hire” a company/ an organization, what is important for them?
  • What are the reasons for discomfort at work: starting the job, during the working process, in growth and development?
  • Why do generations quit the job?
  • What do generations expect from each other, to what extent are their expectations satisfied?
  • Best practices in product and service development for various generations
  • Values of the forming generations (Millenials and Z)

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Audit used solutions

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«Issues are complicated even in a stable economic situation, especially in a crisis.»
Head of the Department for Human Resources,
Dmitry Volohov
«Useful, interesting and, what is important – ready for practical implementation. Recommended!»
Head of Department for internal communications,
Tatiana Mamysheva
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