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01 july 2017

School children went on summer vacation, students are passing their exams and we, in “Sherpa S Pro” keep on working actively.

01 june 2017

We are actively working and May holidays are not an obstacle for the projects. In May of 2017 “Sherpa S Pro” continues collaboration with our constant clients – we worked on consulting projects and delivered T&D programs devoted to “Cross-generational interaction” and “Behavioral economics” for the companies of multiple industries (among them are investment funds, oil & gas, consulting companies, banks).

01 may 2017

In April, 2017 “Sherpa S Pro” delivered consulting and T&D projects in such themes as “Cross-generational management” and “Behavioral economics” in different cities of Russia from the companies of various industries: several investment funds, aviation, advertising, production and telecom corporations, banking , oil & gas.

14 martha 2016

On 10-11 of March of 2016 Evgeniya Shamis acted as a moderator of the strategic session devoted to development of INO Tomsk and its clusters. During the first day she moderated the session "Universities, scientific institutions and clusters” in which representatives of cluster “Pharmaceutics, medical devices and IT” took place and on the second day – “B2C companies and INO Tomsk” with representatives of two clusters - of renewable resources and food

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